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About David Cohen

This is the website for David Cohen, cartoonist and illustrator, as well as percussionist/drummer.
Come here for the latest cartoons and blog observations, as well as a calendar for dates when I will be playing music.

Necks, please.

My paper ran an interesting article earlier this week about a phenomenon called “tech neck”. It seems that with people, young and old but especially young, spending up to 5 hours a day looking at their smartphones or tablets is causing major neck problems. Many orthopedists are seeing a lot more neck injuries due to this.

Combined with the ear-splitting volume cranked up on earbuds, and the propensity of texting while driving, I am worried that the next generation will wind up crashed in a ditch, unable to hear it when OnStar asks if they are okay, and their smartphone gets imprinted on their face via their airbag.

Listen Up!

Interesting thing I’m trying. When someone recommends that I listen to something or watch something, my history has always been, if, after the first few seconds it doesn’t catch my attention, I’ll turn it off and not bother with it anymore. Thanks anyway.
But I’m working on sticking these things out. The person who suggested that I get into them, is usually a friend. Someone who knows me and either thinks I would like it or thinks that I should be exposed to it. I’m trying to catch the feeling that THEY get when THEY experience it.
It is not always comfortable, and not always rewarding. But I think I can spare some time to try and expand myself. It’s the least I can do for me.image